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“Yoga occupies a unique place in the search for fulfillment and through it the fulfillment of God. Our body is a repository of the powers of the mind, intelligence and soul. In order to free the body from disease, emotional problems of the mind and intellect have to be transformed until reaching a plane of perfect consciousness, devoid of prejudices and dualities. Only then does the practitioner’s body become a worthy abode for that pure consciousness to reside in. This is the goal of yoga.” B.K.S.Iyengar.

I have been practicing yoga for the past 12 years and I experienced a transformation at a deeper level in many aspects of my life. Today as a Yoga Teacher I continue learning, practicing, and transforming my life every single day and I wish this never ends because with each day I find more fulfillment (connection, love, and truth).

In this article, I would like to share 3 simple but yet effective practices to awaken consciousness to live this day and every day as a yogi.

Child’s Pose (Balasana) 


This pose helps to relax the spine, shoulders, and chest, stretches the knees, hips, thighs, and ankles, release tension and stress, calms the mind, improves digestion and sleep, reduces fatigue, and cultivates a sense of humility. 

How to

From a kneeling position, open your knees wider than your hips, slowly fold forward extending the arms out in front of you until your chest touches the thighs and the head touches the ground. You may support your chest on a pillow or yoga bolster to rest longer in the pose. Hold from 3-5min. 

Yogic Breathing


Emphasize the movement of the diaphragm, strengthens core muscles which improves posture, relieves muscle tension, increases oxygen exchange which helps with pain relief, concentration and memory loss, strengthen the lungs, lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, increases blood circulation, relieve anxiety and stress. 

How to

This is a 3 part breath (belly-rib cage-upper chest) 

From a lying position, bend your knees placing the feet flat on the ground, and close your eyes. Begin by observing your natural breathing pattern for a few moments. Consciously breath in through the nose first fill the belly with air like a balloon, continue to expand into the rib cage to widen apart, then sip in a little more into the upper chest all the way up to the collarbone expanding and rising your heart area.

Breath out through the nose slowly letting the air go relaxing and returning the muscles to the original position. This is one round. Repeat for about 10 rounds or until you are completely relax.


You can remain lying or sit in a comfortable position with your eyes close. Feel yourself in a state of deep relaxation. Bring the awareness to the top of your head moving down to the tip of your toes, imagining a warm, loving and protecting light covering your whole body. 

Take a moment to reflect on all the things you’re grateful for: loved ones, health, nature, good things – whatever comes to mind.

Allow the feeling of gratitude to come into your body. Notice where in your body the feeling is and take a fee deep breaths allowing the pleasant feeling to expand and observe how the tension and negativity melts away. 

When you are ready, end your gratitude moment repeating the following affirmations:

May I be free from suffering 

May I live with ease and kindness 

May I be blessed with all the good things from the Universe 

May all beings be free from suffering 

May all beings live with ease and kindness 

May all beings be blessed with all the good things from the Universe 

Thank you

Thank you 

Thank you 

When you are ready, wiggle your toes and fingers and allow your eyes to open. 

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